Mitron Watch

In 1982, Mitron Watch GmbH was founded in Illerwinkel in the Allgäu region and has been active in watch and jewelery sales for more than 30 years. After the name "Mitron" was registered as a protected brand name in 1988, an independent wrist watch collection was created and expanded into an extensive collection: classic, fashionable and sporty wristwatches for women, men, young people and children can be found in an attractive, contemporary collection.

Every day, we work to offer you an attractive range of watches and jewelery that will give you valuable additional business. But that alone is not enough for you and us for a long time! We therefore offer you a round-pack package from the goods acquisition through to the packaging and logistics and customer service, so that you can use your time best: namely with your customer. Over the years, many of your colleagues have already chosen Mitron's comprehensive service. We are a family-run company, where values ​​still count. That is why we are committed to working with you to achieve long-term success rather than short-term profits. Because our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. 


Mitron Watch GmbH
Ehrensberg 82
87764 Legau/Allgäu

Telephone 08330 9250
Fax 08330 92550